Articles and Records

Herman “Winks” Gundlach’s CV

05-14-05 Daily Mining Gazette Herman Gundlach Obituary

Herman Winks Gundlach Obituary Written by Julie Gundlach

05 Daily Mining Gazette “Herman Winks Gundlach Dies”

Barbara Kettle Gundlach Obituary

05-25-90 Kathy Koski Class Project Senior Citizen Profile of Winks

08-02-03 Daily Mining Gazette Herman Gundlach “Cornerstone of Community”

Description and Brief History of Herman Gundlach Inc. General Contractors

Projects Undertaken and Completed by Herman Gundlach, Inc.

Gundlach Champion, Inc.’s 100th Anniversary Booklet – 1898 – 1998

06-19-98 “Gundlach Champion Marks A Century of Success”

Upper Peninsula Business Today “Gundlach Champion Celebrates 100 Years” by Cyndi Perkins

Gundlach Champion Time Book, Payroll, and Job List 1987-1998

Tribute to Herman Gundlach Sr.

College Football Historical Society 08-04 “Two Old Friends” by Bill Wallace

College Football Historical Society 02-12 “The All-Start Game” by William N. Wallace

Herman Gundlach and Local Hockey History

Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter Newsletter Article Remembering Winks by Anni Gregor

History of Houghton’s Douglass House

1930 Herman Gundlach Sr. Telegram Draft Congratulating Nephew on Eagle Scout Award