july 5, 1975 changing a historic site. joseph croze…

1975 From a Boat Repair to the Kwik Stop Restaurant

Changing a historic site. This is the scene which presented itself on Shelden Avenue near the Franklin Square area. The location is East Shelden where it converges on College Avenue. In days gone by it was a popular thoroughfare going back to 1860, the year the Portage Channel formally opened and caused the moving of Joseph Croze to the Houghton area. He established a boat building, boat repairing and drydock business in the Houghton area and thus promoted industry in the town. He supplied the Isle Royale Mine with coal but now the site is being arranged for the building of the Kwik Stop restaurant. Gundlach has the contract for clearing the site and his trucks were working at the time of the photo. [View of the construction area showing some of the buildings and businesses across from the site.]

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